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推薦一首適合婚禮的歌曲~L-O-V-E~Olivia Ong

Posted by on 2 月 22, 2010 in .婚禮MV | 0 comments

這首歌曲的原唱是 Nat King Cole之前的Chanel廣告也曾經使用joss stone所翻唱的這個版本我想,大家應廳不陌生吧不過,Virna推薦的這首是由之前星光大道的PK歌手–Olivia Ong所演唱的她的演唱方式較為輕柔…我個人是比較喜歡啦也很適合當成MV的背景音樂哦 開春上工第一天送上這首好聽的音樂希望大家這一年天天都甜蜜 L is for the way you look at me L是為了讓你注視著我O is for the only one I see O是為了唯一我所看見的人V is very very extraordinary V是非常非常的特別E is even more than anyone that you adore and love E是即使是更多你所寵愛的人與愛情 It’s all that I can give to you 這是我所能給你的全部Love is more than just a game for two 愛情不僅是兩人之間的遊戲Two in love can make it 兩個相愛的人能創造的Take my heart but please don’t break it 征服我的心吧但請不要傷害它Love was made for me and you 愛情曾創造了我和你 Yeah~ L is for the way you look – you’re lookin’ at...

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